Snickers 4
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Once the chocolate was hardened, we flipped our Pimp out and revealed its massive glory.

Can you hear the angels sing? Maybe that’s just our sugar high. 3 more bricks of chocolate were melted and poured over the top and sides – Tenacious W was in heaven. Our Pimp chilled in the fridge for another 10 minutes, then we cleaned up the top and sides with the remaining 2 chocolate bricks. Back in the freezer one more time.

Hallelujah! Did you ever see a more glorious concoction? Cracking that massive Pimp took a heated cleaver and a good bit of force, but oh the sugary goodness. After we wake from the sugar coma we might try making another!

For your comparison:
1 Pimpin’ Snickers = 32 King size Snickers = 202 fun size Snickers
(16,321 calories) (510 calories) (81 calories)

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