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Having been a longtime admirer of Pimp That Snack, we finally succumbed to the urge to make our own. But, too many choices! Do we go with Karnaugh’s craving and make something caramely, or something for Tenacious W’s chocolate tooth? We finally settled on duplicating a Snickers Bar, figuring that we could slice’n dice according to our tastes.

Here we have the initial ingredients. We say “initial” because it turns out we underestimated how truly pimpin’ our Snickers Bar was going to be. Actual ingredients were:
680g caramel
1587.57329g chocolate (or 3.5 lbs chocolate if for those of us in the US)
8 egg whites
500g honey
500g powdered sugar
450g dry roasted peanuts

Estimated cost: $30

First we started with Karnaugh’s beloved caramel. We were psyching ourselves up to make our own nougat, so we chickened out and bought caramel for the topping. 15 minutes and a few pieces eaten later, we popped those suckers in a microwaveable bowl and heated’m for 20 seconds at a time, stirring to make sure they didn’t burn. About a minute later we drowned the peanuts in the caramel goo, then plastered the bottom of a plastic-lined Tupperware with the stuff.


Stuck that puppy in the freezer then went to work on the nougat. For that, we snitched the gorgeous-looking nougat from LadyV and Soop Dogg of the Double Double Decker (we are in awe!) We mixed their original recipe, and determined it just wasn’t enough for our Pimp. So we doubled the recipe: 4 egg whites, 250g of honey and sugar each, and 40 minutes of stirring later, we had this beautiful glob of sugar coma.

Turned it out onto a powdered sugar surface and kneaded it for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, we totally disregarded LadyV and Soop Dogg’s warning about 3rd degree burns and ended up with nougaty appendages permanently attached to our hands. No pain, no Pimp I guess!

Sadly, gorgeous though our nougat was, it wasn’t enough. We needed double the amount we’d made!

Back again to the burner. At this point Karnaugh left to play Grand Theft Auto, having been put in the proper pimpin’ mood. The rest of the nougat was patted down on the caramel goodness then stuck back in the freezer. Break time!

One car race and 2 delivered hookers later, we were ready to smear our Pimp with the crowning glory: all that lovely chocolate. 2 bricks of the chocolate melted, we slathered them all over the nougat and stuck it back in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Once the chocolate was hardened, we flipped our Pimp out and revealed its massive glory.

Can you hear the angels sing? Maybe that’s just our sugar high. 3 more bricks of chocolate were melted and poured over the top and sides – Tenacious W was in heaven. Our Pimp chilled in the fridge for another 10 minutes, then we cleaned up the top and sides with the remaining 2 chocolate bricks. Back in the freezer one more time.

Hallelujah! Did you ever see a more glorious concoction? Cracking that massive Pimp took a heated cleaver and a good bit of force, but oh the sugary goodness. After we wake from the sugar coma we might try making another!

For your comparison:
1 Pimpin’ Snickers = 32 King size Snickers = 202 fun size Snickers
(16,321 calories) (510 calories) (81 calories)


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