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I just needed an excuse to pimp a snack, so enter my husband's best friend's surprise 30Th birthday party. I, for some reason, decided that a s'more was the way to go.
I searched on line for recipes for graham crackers since I didn't want to have a whole tray of graham crackers all cut up. I needed a recipe that I could use to make one GIANT cracker for each layer.

The ingredients user for the cracker were:
whole wheat flour
baking powder
baking soda

Rest of s'more ingredients:
1 KG bag of chocolate chips (plus the little bits left in a few bags my mom had)
1.36 KG bag of marshmallows
1/2 cup of butter (so that marshmallows would not burn)


I made the cracker dough and rolled it out onto an oven liner sheet (it was the biggest pan I could get) I did this twice (once for the top cracker and once for the bottom cracker). Once they were baked I realized how small my kitchen was and I couldn't cool two of these giant crackers at once so I had a little help from a laundry basket and one of my kids chairs from a play set.


I then placed all of the chocolate chips in a bowl and microwaved it in 30 second increments until it was melted, then I poured it over the bottom cracker.

I then did the same with the marshmallows.


Then we very carefully flipped the upper cracker on top of this. What we didn't realize is how much the filling would spread with the weight of the top cracker. We ended up building little retaining walls with foil and toothpicks to keep it together.


I placed my friends initials in the corner because he didn't believe that I would actually go through with this.
I tried to carry it across the street but those oven liners are very flimsy so I had transport it on a rack from the oven.

We went to the party, surprised our friend and proceeded to eat the s'more until we all felt like we were gonna go into diabetic shock (I actually told one of the guests that is diabetic that I was not to be held responsible if anything happened to her from all the sugar!). It was great although I do not recommend eating it with the amount of beer we already had in out systems!

Vital Statistics:
3" high
17 pounds

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