Sir Munchalot
by for £3.15

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Munchie = 10g
Sir Munchalot = +1000KG (off our scale chart!)

Estimated cost £3.15 (an absolute bargain)

Calorie content: Oh thousands!!!!!!

4 big bars of chocolate (@200g each)
A pack of digestives
A pot a single cream
2 Knobs of butter, spoonful of sugar, and a couple of tablepoons of Golden syrup.

Arise Sir Munchalot!

The Knight of the Munchie has arrived.

Prepare to be conquered by this 'Knight of the Square Chocolatey Table'.Sir Munchalot is undefeated, even Guinevere couldn't resist falling for his chocolate log, and neither can you.

The legend begins in a very clean kitchen.......

We started our epic journey to Tesco Express at the hour of 9:30, arriving a whole minute later. We traded our hard earned pieces of silver for as much chocolate as possible, ignoring the funny looks we recieved, remembering it was all for a worthy and honourable cause.

Having returned to our humble abode we set about melting 2/3 of the gargantuas quantity of chocolate required, then poured 1/2 of this into the Munchie mould.(Due to the impulsiveness of our pimping project, only a rectangle Munchie mould could be found, but you do get more Munchie for your money this way.) It was then placed in the freezer for 10/15 minutes. To make the sides of Sir Munchalot, we needed to place a plastic container inside the mould, and on top of the base recently frozen. Next we poured the rest of the already molten choclate around the sides of the plastic container. Beware our story is about to get messy!!!

Place him gently back in his icey lair.

Now heres the fun part.....

We pulvarised half a packet of digestive biscuits, using this opportunity to vent any pent up aggression, with a club. If one of these is not available a rolling pin will do! Next we mixed the crumbs with melted butter. NOTE TO ALL: DO NOT USE LOW FAT MARG IT TASTES RANK AND GOES A WEIRD COLOUR. It was moulded into a large biscuit shape on put in the fridge.

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