Sir Munchalot
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We removed the Munchie mould from the freezer and used brute force to entice the plastic tub from the chocolatey grip of Sir Munchalot. The cooled caramel was then poured into the mould and placed back into the freezer.

We used this opportunity to sit back and have a cuppa while watching Neighbours (eh hem or rather we popped to Tesco as had underestimated just how mighty and chocolatey He was going to be).

The remaining chocolate was then melted, while this was happening, we released Sir Munchalot from his icey lair and placed his crunchy biscuit heart on top of his soft caramel centre (admit it every knight has one!). He was almost complete......

The molten chocolate was poured on top and leveled. He was returned back to his place in the freezer as his armour needed to harden, before he could be displayed in his full glory.

A warrior was born! We had reached our CARAMELOT!


(WARNING! Remember to stop munching when you feel ill, nobody should attempt to eat this beast in one go.)


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