Sesame Snap
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• Sesame Seeds - 500 Grams/2 large mugs (£2.98)
• Sugar - 500 Grams/2 large mugs (75p)
• Water – ½ a mug

Hey pimp-kids! Today we’re gonna be making a very special treat for you! Ever had one of those small sesame seed bars (if not DO! You can find them in most health shops) and wished it would last just that bit longer? Well get ready because your wish is about to granted in the form of “BIG BIRD’S SESAME STREET SNAP!!”

As always we like to add an educational element to our pimp so sit up and pay attention as we take you through the formula for making this beast...

Step 1: O-n-e!: Measure out two large (preferably happy face style – a happy pimp is a good pimp!) mugs of sesame seeds.

Step 2: T-w-o: Pour the seeds into a large mixing bowl.

Step 3: T-h-r-e-e: Measure out two large (again preferably happy face style) mugs of sugar.

(Did you know?: Those little bits on your hamburger are actually sesame seeds to give that extra nutty sesame flavour!)

(WARNING: Young pimpers should get their parents help and or supervision as this stage involves handling boiling liquids)

Step 4: F-o-u-r: Pour ½ a mug of water into a frying pan & heat until steaming.

Step 5: F-i-v-e: Add 500 grams of sugar into the water & boil until mixture turns to syrup. This stage will take approx 10 minutes.

Step 6: S-i-x: Add the sugar-syrup mixture to the bowl of sesame seeds.

(Okay kids can take over again – scary parts over!)

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