Scone fit for Elton John
by for £6.95

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We chose a recipe to make 20 scones and then multiplied it by 8.
The forthcoming scone was set to contain

2 Bags of flour plus a bit.
1 bag of sugar or there abouts.
Just under 1 pot of Utterly Butterly.
4 pints of milk (we were only prepared for 2 pints)
1 pot of double cream.
3 pots of cheap jam.
A couple of eggs.

All for a very reasonable £6.95

We hired some really massive people to mix our really massive scone mix.

They struggled with the consistency and joked about it. After shaping and putting in a tin, it was off to the oven…

We decided that the scone wasn’t big enough and so made another one. They simply would not cool down and so we got electric about it.

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