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Rice Krispie Block

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My big passion is cooking – one day I’ll be a famous chef and
IÂ’ll be able to say my first recipe to be published was on Pimp that Snack!!
It was the summer holidays, bored on a rainy day, and so I thought ‘What to do?’
and could hear my sister moaning about the healthy lunch boxes Mum gives us.
Her favourite snack is a ‘Rice crispie SquareÂ’ – So here we go…

The shopping took for ever because I had to ride back for more money!
1800g ( 3 giant boxes ) Rice Krispies
750g (3 packs) butter
4 packets soft toffees
6 packets marshmallows
1 packet KelloggÂ’s Rice-Krispie squares (for comparison honest!)

Total cost for pimp: £20.69

Empty the rice krispies out of the boxes and open out two sides to allow you to join them
together to make one great big container. We then lined it with greaseproof paper. This is the finished article.
Quite good eh!

1.So, we put the butter in one of my mums jam pans and started it off on a low heat to
coat the bottom of the pan – helps stop the toffee sticking!

2.We then took off the wrappers from the hundreds of toffees (tastes better without them!).
Takes a while and a few tend to melt in your mouth 😉 Pop them in the pan.

3.Flob in the marshmallows and STIR!!

4.Keep stirring until it forms a big gloopy mixture in the – no lumps!

5.Next we needed to add the Rice Krispies – no room! “How about in the bath?” suggested little bro, but
Mum rushed to help! She split it up into 3 mixtures and added a packet each time. Shame! I was looking
forward to a bath that night and licking it clean!

6.Next we poured it into the homemade tin that we had made earlier, pressed it down hard and left in overnight to harden.

7.The next morning we pimped up the rice krispie cubes packaging.

8.We ate it!!

9.Big sis was happy! ‘Pimp heaven guys!!!’

Total weight of non pimped snack: 28g

Total weight of pimped snack: 4148g


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