Reeses Mothership
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In true ‘oholic’ fashion, I cleaned out the local store of all its chocolate once the easter shut-down was over, and rushed home to attempt the mother of all reeses peanut butter cups.

1. With two jars of peanut butter, a coolio glass flan dish and enough chocolate to feed a small country, I began.

2. I micro’d the chocolate in twenty second bursts – learning much from my fellow pimpers catastrophies – with only 80 seconds perfectly melting the bowl of choccie blocks to a runny, yummy consistency.

3. Sadly this is where my good fortune took a downturn, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT ADD CREAM TO THIS MIX!! as I did!

4. Suddenly my lovely runny choccy pool, turned to some kind of horror blob that would not lay down. I tried a couple more blasts in the microwave, I considered changing tack and making a giant chocolate button (cos how hard can that be!), but no, nothing would return it to the smooth pre-cream consistency !

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