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5. So, I spooned the what-can-only-be-described-as ‘glop’ into a saucepan, added a little water and gently stirred. Not good! It was fast becoming the giant peanut butter cup fiasco.

6. Staring blankly at a ‘mound’ when in fact there should be a runny liquid, I decided I was not going to be intimidated by the monster in the kitchen! Armed with a giant wooden spoon I squashed the glop into a buttered flan dish and quickly placed in the fridge.

After a minute or two, I removed it and began work on the edges, stretching the base chocolate up the sides, before placing it in the FREEZER. This baby needed some structure, and sub zero temperatures were the only way I was going to achieve rigidity!

7. After about half an hour, I removed from freezer and emptied TWO full jars of peanut butter into the body of the beast.

8. And smoothed it out.

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