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Rave Ring

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The packaging of the original Party Rings seems to proudly be boasting that they have no artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings. With only 0.9g of fat per biscuit to boost, this biscuit is in dire need of a good solid pimping…. it would be criminal NOT to!

The plan went something as follows:

Ingredients – 125g of butter
2 egg yolks
250g flour
125g sugar
Half a box of icing sugar
Psychadelic food colourings for the all important paint job – whoever decided that purple and yellow go together, I thank you.

Approx cost – £4.60. Credit to mum for her purchasing power.

The idea was to create some sort of giant biscuit base, then smear the whole lot with a load of funky icing. Pimptastic.

I had a box of the original little guys standing by for reference. In the name of authenticity, I got out the trusty ruler – a paltry 4.5cms diameter! Rubbish! The argest baking sheet in the kitchen was a full 29 cms – easily big enough to accomodate my souped-up party ring, a full six times bigger at 27cms diameter. Oh yes.

So with a biscuit recipe from Good Housekeeping, I set about my task. Creamed together the eggs, sugar and butter with a little help from my old friend the Krup Mix 3000 – this baby has power! Bits of buttery sugary eggy goodness went flying! Then, flour was chucked in and bashed around til a silky looking dough was formed. The beaters were licked clean in between stages, I might add.

In my eagerness to set about this pimp, I started trying to roll out the dough immediately. I soon realised my foolishness when it sorta flopped around the worksurface, breaking into pieces and and sticking to the rolling pin. Bad dough! Into the freezer! This gave me time to intensely study the party ring, whilst consuming tea and Neighbours. I discovered that the base was infact decorated with several sets diagonal lines and the hole was infact more of a lopsided hexagon. Well well well.

After rescuing the dough from the wintery depths of the deep freeze, I set about recreating the biscuit base. In retrospect, the base could have been somewhat thicker, but such was my enthusiastic rolling (I’m sure other pimpers can relate to this) I got a bit carried away. Lines were marked, a hole was cut out, it was transferred to the Bake-O-Glide lined baking sheet and baked at around 180 degrees for 20mins.

Whilst it was cooking, I got busy with my pimping palette. Which colours to go for? orange and white? Pink and yellow? No, it had to be… purple and orange. Be warned! Food colouring stains your hands! Especially the yellow! Just call me Fag Ash Lil. But anyways… a little red, a dash of blue… makes a perfectly pimpin purple.

As soon as the base was cooled, icing was splashed and smeared to get the basecoat. Holes were patched, fingers licked, and then the topcoat of yllow was lovingly drizzled across and a knife run through to get the all important streaky liney bits.

How cool?!?! See how the so-called ‘party’ ring quivers in awe beside the huge, the immense, the pimping rave ring, fresh from Godskitchen!!! Deeeeelicious!


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