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250 ml warm water
A pinch of Sugar
2 tsp of salt
375g plain flower
7g of yeast
250g Chocolate

Step 1
Start off by weighing out your flower into a bow, making sure you get the amounts correct.

Step 2
Then plonk your salt, sugar and yeast to the mix to help with flavour and density. Now stir for approximately 21 seconds, no more no less otherwise it could explode, no joke.

Step 3
Once the main ingredients of the dough are properly mixed together get your 250 ml of warm water and chuck it in stirring every 4th beat with a flick (helps with consistency).

Step 4
Get your hands messy and knead the dough for around 10 minutes until it feels quite springy.

Step 6
Put in a clean separate bowl covered in Clingfilm and leave for around 45 mins in a warm environment to rise.

Step 7
While you wait, break up your chocolate into a bowl so that it can be melted above a pan.

Step 8
Now the dough has risen, flour a kitchen surface and role out in to a sausage shape to your specification.

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