Pimpermint Pattie
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Right, so on this side of the Atlantic, many of the pimped-out chocolates and confections aren’t really available to us. Knowing that our chocolate generally pales in comparison to that of the British, we knew that not only did our Pimpin’ Project have to be original, we knew it had to kick ass.

And thus, the creation of the New York Pimpermint Pattie.

First step, rounding up the goods:

2 lbs dark chocolate
3 lbs confectioner’s sugar (plus one more to boot)
2 eggs
corn syrup
peppermint extract
2 York Peppermint Patties for study & inspiration

Get to crackin’ them eggs and chucking the yolks. (Note to selves: try not to spill yolk on counter.) Next, whip up dem whites till they be fluffy like clouds. Little by little, add in 8 cups of the sugar and mix it up with the whites.

Now, deep breath here, add 1 1/3 cups of corn syrup and get to kneadin’ that up, with your HANDS. (Feel free to squeal while others double over with laughter as you fear you will be cemented into said mess.)

While dealing with the cement, add in your peppermint extract, 3 tsp or so. Keep adding in sugar till you wrangle that mess into one sexy ball of dough.

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