Pimpermint Pattie
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Melt one pound of chocolate over a double boiler. As that’s going, roll out your dough and form a nice flat disc. (Be sure to cover your surface and rolling pin with cornstarch or else!)

Cover and smooth one side of sugary-minty-goodness with your chocolate. Shove it in freezer for a bit till it hardens. Flip that baby over. Repeat chocolate-melting and chocolate-pouring on the rest of the pattie. Be sure to create a nice wave pattern on the top! Stick it back in freezer and go to bed.

Next morning, take the Pimpermint Pattie out. Marvel at its beauty and take photos of it next to is puny ancestor.

Have some breakfast before you cut that slut in half. Arrange in magazine-worthy photo style.

The Pimpermint Pattie weighed in at about 6 ½ pounds or 2.95 kg. A York Peppermint Pattie is a mere 39 grams. The Pimpermint Pattie is over 75 times bigger! PO PO ZAO!!!

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