Phat Finger
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We’ve been a bit quiet since the m&m, but we’ve finally got round to doing another pimp. Id like to start by saying shortbread is a hell of a lot harder to bake than youd think. We decided to just go for out and out size with this one, so we chose something we thought would be quite easy to do on a large scale and a chocolate finger was an obvious choice.

We wanted to make it 6ft long, so bought a box of fingers and did some precise measurements and scaling to see how much ingredients we needed. Using a recipe found on some cooking site for shortbread, we headed off to the biggest tesco in the area (we wanted asda, but our local is shut at the moment :( ). To say that walking around with a trolley load of flour, sugar, soft spread and chocolate makes people look at you weird would be a bit of an understatement.

Once back in the kitchen we soon realised that mixing all this was going to take a while, and that we needed reinforcements. Phoning as many people as we could, telling them so bring their own bowls we soon had a few more people who, with the exception of rachael, were completly useless.

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