Phat Finger
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Mixing didn’t actually take as long as we expected and we where soon shaping it into the finger. Once moulded we carefully cut it into 6 even sections that would fit in an oven, then proceeded to commandeer peoples ovens. The sections were in the ovens for at least 8 hours at gas mark 3. During the backing process the sections dropped and sort of took their own shape that was completely different to how they went in. They were then placed on two separate planks of wood and trimmed as best we could back into the original shape.

With the shortbread sort of looking right, we started melting all the chocolate and pouring it over the top. The final thing was to trim the excess form around the sides and generally try and pretty it up abit.

It's not as perfect as we were hoping or expecting, but after a couple of days, to say our enthusiasm was low would be a bit of understatement. and i appologise to johns mum for the mess we made in her kitchen

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