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6. Get that circle of dough on a baking tray and shove it in the oven. There is no definite time for how long it will take because some people will be making them bigger than others, but ours took around 20 minutes.

7. Take the circle out of the oven and stick it on a cooling rack. Once cool, you can get on with the icing.

8. Seive the icing sugar into a bowl and add about a tablespoon of "just-not-boiling" water. Mix it up and add a splash of yellow food colouring. Cake this onto the big biscuit as you feel necessary but don't use all of the icing up.

9. Once you have covered the biscuit in yellow icing, put some red food colouring into the yellow icing. This works fine because red is darker than yellow (duh).

10. Drizzle the red icing over the yellow in an up-down zig-zaggy fashion. Once you have got some nice lines on there, "feather" them using the handle of a knife. Ours turned out rubbish but I think that was down to me. So someone may well be able to perfect it.

And that's it. Clean all the mess up, wait for the icing to go hard and then bonne appetite. It quite obviously tastes nothing like a regular party ring but it looks amazing!

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