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Muller Corner XL

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Our friend loves yoghurt. I mean BIG time loves yogurt; any size, any shape, any flavour – she’s not fussy, though she particularly likes Müller Corner’s®. With her birthday approaching, we couldn’t let such a good idea go unattempted. Here’s how we did it:

Step 1
Measure up a standard Müller Corner® pot and multiply all dimensions by 3. Cut 5 large triangles and 5 smaller triangles of 25mm MDF to create a mould. Add approximately 300ml wood glue and 4 large screws to bind the mixture together.

Step 2
Shape the rough mould using a band saw and a rasp, rounding off the corners using bulk quantities of sandpaper. Add a squeeze of elbow grease to speed up the process.

Step 3
Try and form the mould in one piece of ABS. Fail. End up with a disheartening plastic sculpture. Sit in quiet contemplation for a moment. On the plus side, if this doesn’t work, at least we have an arty-looking dish to eat nachos from.

Step 4
Plan B – form the pot in two halves and splice them together. Sand down the corners, 3 rounded and 1 pointed corner for the opening tab (it’s all in the detail!).

Step 5
Scan in an original Müller Crunch Corner® lid and photoshop it to read “Müller Corner XL”. Don’t forget to include details such as shading, touching up borders and adding back in the glue line that shows through the lid. Get this professionally printed to the correct size on sticky-backed, glossy paper.

Step 6
Drizzle 3-4 litres of vanilla yoghurt into the larger portion of the pot, then carefully sprinkle a 50/50 mixture of white and milk chocolate Maltesers® into the smaller portion. Admire.

Step 7
Delicately apply the lid to the pot. Garnish with a standard Müller Crunch Corner® and leave to cool for a few hours.

Step 8
Present your unsuspecting friend with a regular Müller Crunch Corner® and retrieve 6-8 spoons claiming that the group would like to share in her birthday gift.

Step 9
When she refuses to share the yogurt (apparently there just isn’t enough!) recover the Müller Corner XL, smugly remarking “OK, we’ll share this one!”. Enjoy.

Thanks for looking!

The process took 2 weeks to complete, approximately 10-15 hours to make the pot and 4-5 hours to create the lid. The finished product took a mere 2-3 days to consume. Costs were as follows:

White ABS plastic sheet: £10
Printed lid: £8
6 large vanilla yoghurts: £7.50
10 packs Maltesers: £7
Total: £32.50

You will also require access to a well equipped workshop, photoshop and print shop.


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