Mr Pimpling's Angel Slice
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6 eggs
250g Butter
500g Flour
400g Caster Sugar
A few drops of Red food colouring

(These are approximate as the principal cakemaker -Sejal- does not care for measurements).

Buttercream Icing

75g Butter
Can’t remember how much icing sugar but it tasted good!!!
Vanilla essence

1 Pack of sickly-sweet Fondant Icing

Glace icing

Red food colouring
Icing sugar

Total cost - £5.00

First we made a basic cake mixture, using Sejal’s tried and tested methods of a bit of flour here, a bit of butter there and ended with what looked like scrambled eggs.

More flour was needed.

Eventually we ended up, exhausted already, with our finished cake mixture.

We split this cake mix in two and added pink food colouring to one half.(22) We then spooned the mixture into two different bread tins (donated by Elli) and put them in the oven to bake.

Meanwhile, we turned our attention to the matter of icing. The angel slice demands not one, not two, but THREE types of icing. The first is the butterscotch (no buttercream, I’m being told off for that), which goes between the cake layers. The second is the fondant-type topping.

We bought a slab to roll out to the requisite thickness. Now, we thought we would be running out of time but thought we would squeeze in making the piping bag for the icing.

We thought we would be cutting it fine…how little we knew….

….the cakes took FOREVER to cook in the middle, but then began to burn on the outside. We began to get very worried and had a little conference to decide whether to carry on cooking (and burning) or have a very, very moist angel slice. We cooked on…

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