Mootated Milk Biscuit
by for £5.00

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As were the ear /leaf corn bits

And the grass, and text, bloody hell this is one complicated pimp. At last the final touches: Moo cows

And in to the oven. We cooked it at 180°C for about 10 minutes then lowered the temp to 150°C for another 30, we then switched the oven off and left it in the oven to cool (it was really humid and we didn’t want it soggy)

Bravely we took it out the oven and onto the table

A moment of tension, would our secret weapon, the sliding tin work? The first half came of smoothly, so did the second and Way hey a perfect Pimp.

For the record, its 3x7x7 = 141 times the size of a normal malted milk, ladies and gentlemen, the Mootated Milk.

We spent far too much (about £5) on this and now have a fridge full of unused marge and a cupboard full of sugar, and still no-idea why we had the Malt in our fridge.

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