Monster Tea Cake
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We're down to our last bag of Buttons by now, so we melted those down and brushed it around the outside of the base, then inverted it onto the top of the bowl with the shell in it (get an adult to do this, or alternatively someone with at least some manual dexterity, like your significant other. Added benefit: you're free to take pictures and laugh when their sticky hands).

You can then flip the whole thing over. But tragedy (or rather gravity) strikes! There's not enough marshmallow in the dome, and its sticky nature means the top of the teacake is pulled down with it.

And things go from bad to worse - the marshmallow starts oozing out between the dome and the base, and our lovely smooth dome is quickly superseded by emergency patchwork with the remaining chocolate so that we can get a comparison shot taken.

Nevertheless, tradition demands a cross-section, so we bravely cut into the the Teacakes, but the camera batteries chose this moment to expire, and by the time they had been replaced the tasty base had already been subsumed by oozing marshmallow.

And then it's a rush to tip the lot back into the bowl to prevent the entire worktop being covered in *ahem* white goo...

So it was short-lived, but we nevertheless feel that this was a successful pimp. Particularly since the end result was so tasty - like I said, where can this possibly go wrong?

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