Monster Munchie
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9/ Now the caramel – in a bowl the same size as the hole it’s destined for. It’s thick. It’s holding on for dear life to the baking paper it’s in, and I realise that’s good. The consistency is bang on. I lean it over the hole and run a long knife behind it, scraping it pretty neatly off the paper and into the hollow.
I immediately plop in the biscuit ball, which is firmly bound together now, shave a bit off the top to get it level with the edge of the tin and voila!

10/ Place the Munchie bottom from the baking tray firmly atop the tin. (not quite a perfect fit. You should see me with a circular saw – I keep B&Q timber in business)

I sealed the join with the remnants of the melted chocolate from the pan I neglected to wash from the night before. Now FRIDGE

11/ Four hours later. I can’t put this off any more. Judgement day. I flip it onto my biggest plate, and easily (?) peel the baking paper off. I’m doing this with all the confidence of a student hairdresser doing their first cut. Something will explode, surely, if I touch that….bit…..there…...
No. All cool. She’s there in her glory. I take a metal rule and a flat-head screwdriver and oh-so-gently engrave the four concentric squares on the old pie-lid and Thar she blows!!

The Monster Munchie – She leeeeeves!!!
Here’s a we snap to see the original from whence it sprang

The big one is 20cm square, 7cm tall, and weighs in at 2.5kg. Come on!

The essential cross section – done with a carving knife repeatedly dipped in hot water….moment of truth…. See for yourselves.

Hopefully, this will also taste good. The amalgum of science and art sits here incarnate. In my fridge. I’m going to take it to my niece’s 6th birthday party on Monday. They’ll probably look at it prod it, and run off. I don’t care.

The Monster Munchie – It’s Alive!!!!

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