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It needs mentioning at this point that I have stopped licking the spoon. I’m loving my second bottle of vino – a chianti I got in Venice – and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll finish this tonight, or ever, and if I do can I stomach more chocolate. The task has changed now. It’s me vs. Munchie. I know what I want to do, and must keep my wits about me. Slurp.

5/ I melted the toffee in a pan, and stirred through about half a pint of double cream to bring the soft toffee to a more caramelly place. I want this monster to BE a giant Munchie in all aspects, so consistency of the biscuit and the caramel filling is VITAL! Damn I’m anal.

6) Now, I’ve thought about the inside of a Munchie leading up to this, and the shape of it’s content. At 3 in the morning and half cut, I pretty much smell like the inside of a Munchie now, so it’s pretty easy to visualise it. I want a bowl that fits well into the baking tin to allow the caramel to form a pool – and inside that we need space for the biscuit ball to plop in.

Whilst cooling the baking tin in the sink, I’ve put a bowl in it (inside cling film) to make a mould for the caramel to go, and poured more molten chocolate round the sides up to the top of edges of the bowl (which should be a teensy bit shy of the tin lid. Stick that in the fridge immediately.

7/ on the separate baking tray I created a square to match the top of the baking tin – what will be the bottom of the Munchie, by cleverly using a chopstick rolled in tinfoil, and bits of sellotape. All the rest of any chocolate I have melted down from the EU cocoa mountain in my kitchen goes in this – a good two centimetres thick. In the fridge with you. Note to self, need a bigger fridge. Or don’t pimp snacks the same day you’ve done your big shop.

8/ Next morning, 5 hours sleep, and I’m going to finish this thing out of morbid fascination now. I’m daring to dream it might just work.

Whip all out of the fridge. Pull the bowl out of the baking tin to leave the space for caramel. It came out steadily but without trouble. Chuffed! Peel off the cling film and that’s ready for filling.

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