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Merry Xmas Peanut Butter Cup

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At least 7 bars of milk chocolate 100g bars (can use more if you prefer thicker chocolate or have a bigger tin)
1-2 jars of peanut butter (depending on how much filling you want, we used one jar) – £1.20 approx.
Dr Oetker Designer Icing in red (optional)

Large flan tray
Large pan
Large glass bowl
Tin foil
Small bowl


1. Line the flan tray with tin foil

2. Set the large glass bowl over the pan filled with boiling water and add half of the chocolate broken up into pieces into the glass bowl

3. Once the chocolate is melted pour into the prepared flan tray and spread out evenly to all the edges, put in the fridge and leave to set

4. When set, spoon the peanut butter into the spare bowl and stir to soften it to make it more spreadable

5. put the peanut butter into the center of the flan dish on top of the set chocolate

6. Spread out towards the edges and even out, but make sure to leave a few centimeters round the edge to seal in the peanut butter

7. Put in the fridge to set slightly whilst you melt the rest of the chocolate as you did in step 2

8. Once melted pour over the peanut butter from the middle again and even out to make sure it covers all the peanut butter and fills in the gap round the edge of the peanut butter.

9. Put in the fridge to set again and then decorate if desired.

10. Voila! a beautiful giant peanut butter cup, but into slices and devour!

Estimated time to complete: 1-2 hours


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