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In recent weeks, we (in our office) have begun taking turns with some pimping of snacks, inspired by the website.

The first was a Pimped Jaffa Cake, followed closely by a Wagon Wheel and a Kit-Kat Chunky... then it was my turn.

Not being totally convinced of my cooking/baking skills, I decided I would try pimping the mighty Twix.

As a ‘Pimp Virgin’, I first had to decide on scale – should I go huge, and potentially unmanageable, or should I just go Big? Then I had to decide how I would actually form these things – should I go the tube/pipe route?

Eventually, I decided upon forming two large fingers, instead of one huge single finger.

Not being sure of the quantities of ingredients required, I trooped off to Tesco, and filled a basket with the following:

12 Bars of Tesco Milk Chocolate (100g)
3 packets of Tesco Butter Shortbread
1 Bag of Tesco Dairy Toffees
1 bag of Tesco Vanilla Fudge
2 tins of Carnation Caramel (Dulche de Leche)

The total cost of those ingredients came to £9.00.

For the moulds, I cut a cereal box lengthways in half, and trimmed then down, and taped the ends to form two rectangular shapes – the sizes being circa 30cm long x 8cm wide. I then lined the moulds with greaseproof paper.

Ok, onto the actual ‘cooking’!!

I started by melting 4 bars of the chocolate over a pan of boiling water. Once fully melted with no lumps, I transferred this over the two moulds, which gave a base thickness of about 1.5 – 2cm.

I decided to cheat with the biscuit element of the filling, and rather than spoiling it with rubbish homemade biscuit, I opted to go for ready made shortbread fingers.

While the chocolate was still warm I then layered the shortbread, 2 fingers wide along the length of the moulds – that used 8 shortbread fingers per bar, 16 in total.

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