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Mega Muffin

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Flour (if its been around for a while watch out for Weevils)
Cocoa Powder
Baking Powder
Pimped Choc chips (a Dairy Milk bar…)

Approximate cost… about 9 quid.

The success of this project depends purely on team spirit. After lining the saucepan with foil we decided that team spirit would be enhanced by fashioning team hats from the above foil. With this and some cocoa powder face painting and a “high five right now” accomplished, we were ready to begin this mammoth task.

It was necessary to divide our forces into two elite teams: namely “Wet team” and “Dry team”. Whilst the three members of dry team struggled to find any thing to do after the three dry ingredients were put into the bowl, wet team looked decidedly stressed. The problem of sugar “wet or dry” troubled us for many a minute, but finally dry surrendered it to the care of wet, isn’t it.

The wet team embarked on their epic journey of melting an entire pat of butter in an industrial sized wok, while the dry team twiddled their thumbs. Things were going to plan.

After adding the final wet ingredients, it was decided it was time for the two teams to merge. Dry team decided to get hands on action on the mixing. Messy. After much kafuffle the mixing was complete and it was time to transfer the mix to the baking receptacle, isn’t it.

Much debate was had as to the cooking time and it was decided to just leave it as all got a bit fruity with the Clingfilm.

After two hours, the ‘muff’ was complete and the gorging began…

NB: To the layman this may look like a normal chocolate cake, however be assured that cakes DO NOT contain milk, hence this is a muffin, fo sho.


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