Mega Massive Mars
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After watching the F-word on TV, we were inspired to create a pimped up snack, so after checking the site we decided that the previous Mars bar attempts could be vastly improved upon. We trialled various recipes for the caramel and nougat layers, but eventually settled for the following ingredients:

9 bags of Werthers chewy toffees
5x 500g bags of brown sugar
2 bottles of vanilla essence
8 eggs
9x 400g bars of Dairy Milk
4x 280g pots of glucose syrup
50g butter

We began the pimp, creating a rectangular cardboard mould by scaling up the dimensions of a regular bar, and then coating the inside of it in clingfilm.

The first step was to create the creamy chocolate casing, which would hold all the goodness inside. This involved melting down the dairy milk, and elaborately balancing the mould (using table mats and cookbooks) so that each side could set.

Waiting for this to dry, we set about making the wrapper for our mega massive mars. The black plastic sheen of a bin liner was perfectly suited to the task, so our artistic skills were used in painting the logo.

We now faced the near impossible task of re-creating the notoriously top-secret nougat recipe. We decided the best place to look would be the internet, and within minutes found the mysteriously named "Divinity Fudge" recipe. This involved boiling up glucose syrup, sugar and water and whisking up egg whites, then combining the two into a glossy, tacky mixture. We poured it into our chocolate shell, repeating the process twice more, to fill the mould 3/4 full.

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