Mega Massive Mars
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The third component was the caramel. After many hours spent boiling sugar and water to horrible burnt messes, we gave in and finally settled for the good old fashoined method of melting Werthers chewy toffees in the microwave.

Being impatient, we decided rather than waiting for the nougat to fully set and pouring on the caramel, we would create a sheet of toffee gloop to balance atop the bubbling nougat beast.

Hastily not wanting to watch our treasured caramel sink, we melted up more chocolate and tipped it on top.

Ironically that evening we watched a documentary about volcanoes, but little did we know that the following morning when we came down to check on our beloved creation, that the angry nougat would have ferociously melted through both the caramel and chocolate layers, to erupt through the top, spilling over the edge of its crater.

Dairy milk to the rescue! As quickly as possible, emergency chocolate supplies were melted down, then poured over it, craftily covering the gaping hole...

Luckily once set all mishaps were soon forgotten, and after cutting away the mould, warm feelings of gratification and happiness were felt by all, in a way that can only be acheived using several kilograms of chocolate and other sugar based products.

Weight: 7.5kg
Dimensions: 51cm x 9cm x 14cm

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