Mega Double Decker
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In order to compress the cereal several methods were employed before we eventually decided to go with the old fashioned pile of bowls. Rejected compression methods included the 'fat-whap' the fat dog, the fat Nan, the midget and of course the fat Mexican immigrants arse (rejected for both hygiene and industrial relation reasons).The experimental use of the latter compression method proved too much for the DD. If this is to be your favoured method of compression, then might I suggest that you pick up a non stick pan on the way to the inevitable industrial tribunal.Testing is all important. My look of ecstasy hides the fact that this tastes nothing like a double Decker.

Now might be a good idea to run into the bathroom after your girlfriend has just been in, deposit the DD in the bowl and then run back downstairs saying, " Honey it just won't flush!" Barring that I'd advise refrigerating for about an hour till it sets.

Size is everything. Lacking any actual DD for comparison I opted for a rolling pin. For those of you still unsure as to the size of my pimped DD , my head is of normal size and the rolling pin was about the same length as a loaf of mighty white bread.

The finished article. Still not set after three hours and destined to be reshaped and left on top of an unsuspecting butchers counter!

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