Mega Chocolate Buttons
by for £11.20

It was a rainy Bank Holiday Monday, we were stuck indoors and there was only one thing to do to relieve the boredom: Get the Mega Buttons Project into action!

First we needed ingredients; We bought 2kg of good quality Cadbury’s chocolate which we worked out as equivalent to 66 packets of chocolate buttons.

To make the mega buttons we melted the chocolate using a bain-marie, trying not to make too much of a mess in the kitchen.

We poured 400g at a time into bowls with a dished profile which had been previously given a very thin coat of butter to ensure they would turn out. Each mega button is therefore equal to 13.2 packets of normal choclate buttons!

We prepared the bag and then...

...after a morning of hard work [and an afternoon of tidying up and scraping chocolate off the floor and walls] it was then especially enjoyable to relax and taste the final product in the garden.

For the mega buttons project we used 8 bars of 250g totalling 2kg chocolate. Since we made 5 buttons that meant each button weighed 400g!
Cost - £1.40 x 8 = £11.20 or £2.24 per Mega Button !

Statistics (button : mega button):
diameter 20mm:200mm / weight 1.6g:200g / fat 0.48g:128g / Kcal 16.8:2100

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