by for £6.32

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Weight 1.2kg
Approx cost £6.32
Approx calories 5635kcal
Approx fat 308.4g


6 bars chocolate
3 packets ice cream wafers
2 packets of dairy toffee
1 can of condensed milk
1 tub of frosting
1 big dollop of primary pimping hilarity

We started as many good pimps do, by melting the chocolate, we were then able to make our base layer for our maxi taxi, the chassis if you will.

Whilst this was in our fridge we prepared our caramel layer by melting the toffees and adding enough condensed milk to acheieve the correct consistency

We then started to layer up the beast, we had heated debate about the correct number of ice cream wafers to acheieve the correct wafer to caramel ratio. After comparing 2 and 3 we decided 2 would give us the correct depth.

After narrowly escaping pre marriage conselling, samples of ice cream wafer with melted caramel had to be consumed to recover after our in depth discussion.

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