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The idea for this pimp came this morning when my partner-in-pimping James decided

(a) we needed to go to Costco, and
(b) we needed some cheese

Following this simple formula

Cheese x Costco = Industrial quantities of cheese = Pimp!

I have created the Maxi Babybel. The Laughing Cow will be laughing on the other side of her udders when she sees this monster.

You will need:

- 36 Mini Babybels
- some kind of grease
- micropore tape
- bowl
- bain-marie (posh name for saucepan and bowl of water) to melt wax
- microwave to melt cheese

The Maxi is made in 2 halves which are then brought together in the style of a solid cheesy easter egg.

First I had to shell the cheeses. I was going to squash up the wax and roll it out with a rolling pin, but it was far to sticky and lumpy. I decided to melt the wax instead. Here we can see the melting in progress.

Now I greased up the bowl and poured in the molten wax, tilting it to get a good even coating. It started to set pretty quickly, but impatient pimpette that I am, I put it in the freezer for a few minutes. A bit of teasing with a knife and it popped out of the bowl. Repeat to make the second half.

The magic pull-string is an important feature of the Babybel. I recreated it using micropore tape, which has just the right is-it-paper-or-is-it-fabric? properties.

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