Maxi Babybel
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Now, the cheese. Obviously it had to be melted, but if I poured hot cheese into the wax shell, the wax would melt and I'd be left with a big sticky mess. The solution - melt the cheese in the same bowl as used to form the wax, so when it cooled it would be just the right shape. Sorted! The cooled cheese and wax were easily assembled.

The two halves were carefully brought together and the whole thing left in the fridge for a hour to firm up. I used some left-over wax to fill the gaps around the join, and gave the whole thing a polish with kitchen roll. It's just so shiny!

Here we see the Maxi Babybel next to its smaller brother the Mini (red), and cousins Mini Bonbel (orange) and Cheddar Babybel (purple). In a fit of uber-pimpage, I sacrificed them to add some bling to the Maxi.

And finally, the all important money-shot...

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