Massive Moon Pie
by for £23.00

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With all the other fine pimps out there we were stumped as to what we could try. After an hour of roaming a poorly stocked candy section in the store we made our way to the cake isle. And there it was, the box of moon pies, we thought "awesome! it's not too crazy for an impromptu first pimp, but not crazy easy either..."
None of us could actually remember what a moon pie tasted like so we ripped open the package and put our taste buds to the test. We decided on sugar cookie mix instead of crushed graham crackers for the crust-like bit 'cause it would taste better and we didn't realize it was graham until a few days later when we looked up moon pies online.

Then we proceeded to buy a box of butter,
18 king-size bars o' chocolate,
5 bags of marshmallow,
1 carton of eggs,
3 bags of sugar cookie mix
and a pizza round to bake it on.
We left the store $45 poorer, grins as wide as could be and towing about a million calories in our sacks.

We then headed back home where the groggy unsuspecting parents were about to embark on dreamland. Unfortunately, we didn't get a shot of the looks on their faces when we told them how we planned to destroy the kitchen by morning. Much to their chagrin they left their clean kitchen to head for bed, knowing full well that come morning a disaster of unequaled proportions awaited their cleaning hands.... Did I forget to mention that I, Whitnee, the resident disaster maker was flying off to college in a few days? FYI, perfect time to destroy the house, parents are going through that empty nest syndrome and you can, or at least I could, do no wrong :)

While Ed was setting up the entertainment in the living room the rest of us, we got the biggest pot we could find to mix the sugar cookie batter. As we melted 3 sticks of butter there was a looming ripple of sure fired cardiac arrest if we partook in our soon to be masterpiece. Fortunately we left all thoughts of imminent death and baked on.

We took half of the 3 bag mixture and smushed it on to the pizza round. Andi, one of the two bakers, decided since pimping is about making things better she'd make ridges to add an aesthetic appeal.

While the first cookie was baking we melted some of the chocolate so we could coat the bottom layer. Well, we were going to melt only some chocolate, but somehow all of it ended up in the pot. And if you know anything about chocolate, or at least more than we did at the time, it starts to burn the second you stop stirring it. This was a major hurdle 'cause in the living room was the DreamCast setup with Chef's LoveShack awaiting us and how could we play if we had to keep stirring? Well, what's more important? Hmmmm.... "To hell with the chocolate, we'll take it off the burner and take our chances!"

After the first layer was coated and placed on our make shift tray, cut up postal boxes held together with duct tape and wrapped in foil, and the sugar cookie top layer was safely baking in the oven we started the arduous task of melting 5 bags of marshmallow. On the package was a recipe for rice krispie treats and it said to add butter to the marsh so we rummaged the fridge and found another box of butter... So, for each bag of marsh we added half a stick o' butter; for those of you keeping track that's 5 1/2 sticks of pure yellow fatty-buttery goodness.

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