Massive Moon Pie
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We put one bag of marsh with the half stick o' butter on the cookie at a time. This ended up to be more difficult than originally suspected. First, the marsh melts and starts to ooze over the sides... Second, it be sticky and attaches to anything and everything...definitely a sure-fire way to wax your arms :) We employed one of the pimp team members, Kailah, to sit by the cookie and constantly push the marsh towards the center. We also brought in a fan to help out with the cooling. Later we got the idea to aerate the marsh by lifting globs of it with a spoon... Kinda like the taffy pullers.

Finally we were able to add the top sugar cookie layer. Most of the marsh stayed inside, thank goodness... While this was being attempted the chocolate was being reheated and we were elated to see it not burnt to the bottom of the pot. Using a measuring cup we added the chocolaty goodness. Unfortunately it ended up in a blob 'cause it was too hot. The chocolate wouldn't cooperate, it kept running off the cookie! Mind you, we did this project around 1 am, but we were having an unseasonably hot week for a summer in SoCal.

So we left it over night with the ceiling fan and mini fan on full blast. When we awoke in the "morning" marsh had oozed its way out through the chocolate and made all of our hard work look like something Joe's dog created after eating a 50lb bag of dog food in one sitting... NOT Pretty... unlike that mess we had no problem taking out a huge cleaver and shaping this beast so it would resemble a moon[ish] pie. Luckily the chocolate was in that soft, but not too soft know, where it's kinda like a left out in the sun too long play dough. Anyhoo, we shaped the beast then brought out a tape measure which read a whopping 17" in diameter. After we took our pics of the cross-section we made the horrified parents take a bite and then we divvied the pie so no single person could, on accident, die of cardiac arrest or go into a sugar-induced comatose.

A few days later the pie still sat in our fridge so we handed pizza size slices to the neighbors... Oh my... bad idea... I've never seen children run and talk so fast, their parents weren't too pleased :) The baking team: Joe, Kailah, Ed, Andi, and Whitnee... With the much improved moon pie :)

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