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Top off with more melted chocolate. (Cover and leave in the garden again till it sets).

Realise there’s not enough chocolate. Visit Tesco again. Wonder why Tesco Value Chocolate is exactly the same price as Tesco normal chocolate (same weight, same price).

Heat the newly acquired chocolate in the bain marie, then allow to cool, stirring constantly. You may find this takes a bit longer than expected (Wife Swap AND ER). Pour the thick chocolate over the sides of the near-complete Mega-Snickers and smooth out carefully. Realise this is impossible, as it’s just too big. Smooth out as best you can.

Cut, serve, compare!

Think of name of giant Snickers. Decide to go back to basics and revert to "Marathon". Choose "Marathon&on" to be the best Pimped Pun.

Normal Snickers weighs 64.5g
Marathon&On weighs 6.45kg

100 times bigger!

Normal Energy: 1685 KJ / 301 KCAL
Pimped Energy: 168,500 KJ / 30.1 MEGA CAL

This product may contains nuts.

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