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Second lot of caramel (to make the nougat). Mix the sugar, syrup, butter and condensed milk in a pan with a splash of milk to help the sugar dissolve. Heat in a large pan over a gentle heat, stirring constantly! Ignore the black bits floating around – it’s either teflon or burnt bits. Smells a bit burnt, but it’ll be fine. Keep dropping spoonfuls of this super hot liquid into cold water – when it forms a hard ball, it’s ready.

Meanwhile, in a large bowl, whisk the egg whites until they form stiff peaks with newly purchased blender. Carefully whisk the molten toffee/caramel into the egg whites/meringue.

Pour into the fish kettle!

This is now super hot and needs to be cooled. Curse the dimensions of the fridge! How to cool it? Wrap it in more baking paper and stick it in the garden! (It is spring in Scotland and therefore VERY cold. Note the windblown daffodils).

Once cool, dollop the nutty caramel mix on the top and level out with a ladle (VERY sticky, very good).

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