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When I was watchin' the f-word I was also eating a packet of lovehearts ... so my first pimp simply had to be the humble loveheart ...

As follows:

One packet "Regallice Icing"
One bottle green food dye
four packets sherbert fountains
one tube squeezy pink icing
little bit of castor sugar (when things got sticky)


1. Measure original love heart (1.9cm diameter, 2.5mm height, ridge 1mm.)

2. Scale up to the power of ten

3. Knead regallice icing and add sherbert kneading it evenly throughout

4. Test the absorbency of food dye with small piece of icing

5. Add a small amount of colouring and knead through to gain equal colouring throughout .. opportunity for a taste test .. it is pretty damn close!

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