Le Eurovisione Monster Caterpillar Cake
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Whilst the caterpillar was cocooned in the fridge, we decided to pimpup some leaves for it to munch on- fun with icing ensued including the dying of Gemma's hands green- which was rather amusing at the party later on...

With the leaves sorted and the caterpillar encased we continued to add the fruit smarties (remember they aren't giant but they are big!) and matchstick/yellow icing sneakers to its body- though we were confused as we weren't aware that caterpillars wore quality kicks.

Finally the face was constructed from yet more smarties and Icing(whooo hooo pure sugar).

Since we were pimping this baby we decided to place green licorice 'grass' wiggly bug jelly's and other random delights around the caterpillar.

The MandS Caterpillar can be seen next to his pimp daddy- from what I can remember his name was Colin...

Pimp Daddy thinks the similarity between the original and pimped versions is most excellent!

Monster Colin weighed in at a whopping 17,000 calories (completely estimated!), and made it to the pub on Linzi's lap... just about-where he was gratefully received by all. He tasted quite similar to his baby bro.... which was nice.

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