Krispy Kreme Doughnut
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What to pimp?  We had to ask ourselves, what hasn’t really been done, and more to the point, what snack most deserves pimping?  A Krispy Kreme doughnut, and not just your bog standard glazed one but chocolate glazed with hundreds and thousands!

The ingredients for the Kolossus (24 times the size of your average Krispy Kreme) are as follows:

400 g white sugar
1 packet of icing sugar
1 packet of royal icing sugar
15 g baking powder
10 g baking soda
5 g ground nutmeg
10 g ground cinnamon
750 g plain flour
475 ml buttermilk (we substituted this with half milk and half plain yogurt – it is a nightmare to get hold of buttermilk)
6 eggs
30 ml honey
225 g butter, melted
1 large bar of plain chocolate
Food colouring of various shades

Cost – £12.40 (yikes!)

The batter was a lot gloopier than we all expected so no rolling out and shaping – we needed a mould fashioned out of an old cardboard box, sticky tape and tin foil (Blue Peter eat your heart out).

Then we had to find something sturdy and ovenproof enough to create the hole in the centre…..we opted for a beer can which toppled over halfway through the cooking process and had to be replaced with a tower of ramekins.

We waited for about an hour, constantly checking for burning.  Finally it was ready and we removed it from the oven and also its (very successful) mould.  A small amount of reshaping was required as it was slightly too cylindrical for a doughnut, but with a deft hand and a bread knife this didn’t prove to challenging.  What did prove slightly more difficult was the removal of the ramekin tower.

It was now time to get on with preparing the various toppings.  The thin white glaze common to pretty much all Krispy Kreme doughnuts was easy – very runny icing.

(yes – we know – it looks disgusting)

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