Krispy Kreme Doughnut
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The chocolate glaze was easier, which is more than can be said for the hundreds and thousands, aka "Millions and Billions"

We could have cheated and just bought the normal size ones but they wouldn’t have been in proportion and if you’re going to pimp a snack, proportion is paramount.  We mixed royal icing with a variety of different shades of food colouring and rolled the icing into small “matchsticks” to place on top of the doughnut.

It took us about an hour to create all the millions and billions but I think you will agree that the finished product is very authentic.

And the obligatory cross-section:

Nutritional Information:

Regular Krispy Kreme:
71g, 260 calories

Krispy Kreme Kolossus:
1.5kg (estimated, scales are too small to weigh accurately),
6,240 calories. Pimpalicious.

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