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Well Here we are I thought I would have ago at my own Pimp not so much a Viscount more of a King count.

4x Chocolate bars 49p ea (£1.96)
Butter 53p
Plain flour 27p
icing sugar 94p
Mint essence 72p
Pack of viscounts 79p
Total £5.21

First up get all the Ingredents together, Note to self use Plain Flour not Self Raising (Doh!!!) Right, now you need to make the Biscuity Base, this is a simple Shortbread Base (Mmmmm Shortbread).

This is Rolled out to a Round and put on a Pizza Tray, Bung it in the oven for about 1/2 hour, time for some pimping tunes.

Now for the Mint Fondant (Mmmmm Fondant), This is a Pound of Icing sugar (Sweet) a bit of Water and of course Mint Essence (Mintyliceous). This needs to be Mixed together into a Paste.

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