King Rolo
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Get down on bended knee, and show 'nuff respect – the King is in the house…

King Rolo!

No, not the shonkily animated kids TV programme, this baby is the monarch of sweets. The question is, do you REALLY love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo if it's on this scale?

1 x large bar chocolate
1.5 x bags of Werthers Toffees
1 x tube of Rolos for demonstration purposes

Step One: Chocolate melting – what else?

Step Two: Drop chocolate into the muffin mould tray and then whack in the freezer.

Step Three: Remove from freezer when set, insert small pots into the muffin moulds and then pour liquified chocolate around them, thus forming the basis of a core. Straight back into the freezer to set.

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