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King Rolo

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Get down on bended knee, and show ’nuff respect – the King is in the

King Rolo!

No, not the shonkily animated kids TV programme, this baby is the
monarch of sweets. The question is, do you REALLY love anyone enough
to give them your last Rolo if it’s on this scale?

1 x large bar chocolate
1.5 x bags of Werthers Toffees
1 x tube of Rolos for demonstration purposes

Step One: Chocolate melting – what else?

Step Two: Drop chocolate into the muffin mould tray and then whack in
the freezer.

Step Three: Remove from freezer when set, insert small pots into the
muffin moulds and then pour liquified chocolate around them, thus
forming the basis of a core. Straight back into the freezer to set.

Step Four: After 10 minutes in sub-zero temperatures, remove the
tray. Now the tricky part – getting the small pots out whilst
leaving the King Rolo intact.

We tried…

1. Gentle persuasion
2. Firm but fair wriggling about
3. Hot water inside small pots to create enough melt to free them
4. PLIERS! (Plus a liberal serving of cursing).

After about 15 minutes the small pots had their freedom and we had
our King Rolo shells. Inevitably they went back into the freezer.

Step Six: "I remember the first sweet my Grandfather gave to me… it
was feckin’ HUGE!". Werthers have never been involved in something so
cool. Blasted to molten perfection – like lava, but more buttery!

WARNING! Hot toffee can remove skin.

The toffee is spooned, and after the addition of a small amount of
water, poured into the shells. The tray is flung back into the
freezer before the toffee eats it’s way through the chocolate
shells… and the work top… probably…

Step Seven: The now almost set King Rolos are finished off with a cap
of chocolate to create the base before going for a final freeze.

Step Eight: The unveiling – fanfare please…

All hail the new King in town, and if you are going to give it to
someone, they’d better be worth it!


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