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King Rainbow Drop

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Firstly I decided to make a rainbow drop because they rock!

You will need:

a bit of milk,
a wooden spoon,
2 big Milkybars,
3 small Milkybars,
Hundreds and Thousands,
a pan of water,
a glass bowl,
and a casserole dish lid covered in clingfilm.

Put the pan of water on the gas hob and let it boil.


While it’s boiling break up the 2 big Milkybars into little bits and put it in the glass bowl.

Once the pan is boiling put the glass bowl full of chocolate into the water then stir with a wooden spoon until it’s all melted (don’t put it in the microwave or it will all burn).

Then pour into the casserole dish lid covered in clingfilm.

Add some milk and smooth it down with the wooden spoon.

Then leave it in the fridge for about an hour … 

Take it out of the foil then lay it out on the table. 

Now with the 3 small milkybars break it up into small bits and put them on the hard chocolate and melt them with a hair dryer (keep the hairdryer from a distance or you will blow away the chocolate!).

Now spread out the chocolate and pour on the hundreds and thousands.

Wait for it to dry then enjoy.


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