Jumbo Animal Biscuit
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Roll out the dough until it's big enough to cover the template. Cut out and add on the details.

Then I had to try and get the bisuit onto the baking tray. There was a slight injury to the elephant's right ear
but eventually I got it onto some greased proof paper and then onto the baking tray. I put it into the frige for 15 minutes
as this is meant to make 'crispier' biscuits.

It then went into the oven for 30 minutes on 150c. Although after 20 minutes I was opening the oven door every minute
to make sure it didn't burn.

Once the biscuit was cool, I covered the back in melted chocolate. I tried to replicate the squared pattern that
the original biscuits have but the chocolate was still too wet hence the non-squared pattern.

Some comparrison shots from the back.

And some comparrison shots from the front.

Some statistics:

Original size

Calories per biscuit 20
Size 4.5 X 3.0 cm
Weight didn't register

Jumbo sixe

Calores per biscuit 4000
size 33 X 21 cm
Weight 24 ozs

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