Jumbo Angel Slice
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We started off with a trip to the supermarket for supplies. All the ingredients in our sponge recipe had to be multiplied by three to give the right proportions.

Next we stopped off at a stationers to get some sturdy card to make giant baking boxes.

The sponge mix was whisked up using nine eggs, a whole packet of sugar and a mountain of butter.

Then the mixture was divided into two, and we carefully added a few drops of red food colouring. That clearly wasn't enough so we chucked a whole load in and the perfect shade of pink was acheived!

Now for the baking boxes. After a lot of measuring, cutting and sticking we had fantastic jumbo size cake 'tins'. Should we have thought it through and just used shoe boxes? Nah........

Into the oven they go! Ready after 30 minutes.

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