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Jelly Tot

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1 litre of blackcurrent cordial (99p)
8 sachets of geletine (£3)
lots of sugar (£1 maybe?)

Heat cordial and let it cool, then whisk in the geletine. Leave it to cool and set overnight in the fridge. It’s a giant bowl of very purple jelly basically, but should be dead still and unmovable, like a jellytot! Meanwhile,make the giant sugar crystals to emulate the crunchy sugar on the outside of a jellytot. To do this damn a few cups full of sugar with enough water for it to go sludgy. You should be able to mould it by squeezing it between your hands. flatten it all out on a metal try to about half a centimeter thick. Leave it over night somewhere warm (but not hot – you don’t want it to melt). I used the airing cupboard, balanced above the hot water tank. In the morning you can break it up into sugar crystals about the size of a lenil (I guess).

Turn out the jellytot, sprinkle the sugar on and away you go – enough Pimp’ed Tot to get at least 100 kids off their tits with a massive sugar high. Mine didn’t set very well. Aparently things that are very acidic or very sugars will not set properly with Vegetine which used (tescos didn’t have proper animal geletine) so mine flattened out which is real shame because the mould( a metal ixing bowl) is exactly the same shape as a jelly tot.

So there it is – big enough for X to the Z Xzibits!


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