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Having watched Gordon Ramsey’s F Word and the segment on the Jaffa Quake, and it also being the school summer holidays the kids bugged the heck out of me to let them ‘pimp a snack’ for the website. After careful consideration on the merits and disadvantages of their favourite sweets (this necessitated a lengthy tasting session of all their favourites) before we came up “Jazztastic”, our pimped version of that old favourite Jazzies.

Approximate Cost £2.50

You will need for each Jazztastic the following:

X 2 100g bars of chocolate
X 1 tub Hundreds & Thousands

1. Line the inside of a dinner plate with cling film.

2. Melt the chocolate over hot water, using a combination of eating chocolate and cooking chocolate makes it easier to handle.

3. Fill the inside bowl of the dinner plate with melted chocolate and refrigerate until set.

4. Turn out onto a board when set. Spread a little melted chocolate over the top and sprinkle with hundreds & thousands.

Hopefully the kids won’t be throwing up after eating all that chocolate!


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