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The caramel was cold, the chocolate frozen, and the nougat perfect. Now it needed assembling. I scraped the caramel off the tray, and arranged it on top of the chocolate. I then carefully placed the nougat on, and scraped around the sides so I still had the all important gap. Back into the freezer!

After about 20 minutes, I took it out again, and re-scraped my gap. All that it needed now was some more chocolate melted, and poured in around the nougat and caramel, and over the top of everything until it was smooth.

After another 30 minutes in the freezer, I turned it out. A liberal spraying of vegetable oil before the chocolate meant it slipped out the easiest of all my projects. However, it still looked too square, so I melted the last bit of chocolate and poured it over the top in a satisfying ripply way. A cocktail stick was perfect for drawing in flames, even though they weren’t that visible.

After another freezing, I decided it still needed something to make it look HOT. Remembering the writing icing I still had left over from Figgie, and realising there was yellow and red, I drew in the flames, using many layers to give a more intense colour.

So there it is – and let me tell you, that caramel is very nice indeed. It’s very sweet, but has a nice aftertaste of chilli. At first you think ‘oh, that’s not hot enough’, but then it kicks in and nearly blows your head off. Ariba!

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